Our relationship with suppliers, how should it be?

We can elaborate on this topic in the workshop on communicating with suppliers, investors, and partners.

Mas quero te deixar aqui um cheirinho.

According to data presented by Forbes, 47% of supplier relationships fail.


Is it because we only contact our supplier when we need their service?

Is it because we do not refer our supplier to our acquaintances?

Is it because we don’t maintain a humanized relationship with them?

Surely the answer to these questions is YES, all this affects our relationship with our suppliers and not only, with investors, partners, and even with people we know and have a good networking and can contact whenever we need to solve some issue. The goal is that when one of the agents mentioned above receives a call from us, they will be in doubt as to whether it is to find out how they are or to ask for something. When this is the case, we are on the right track.

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