Mathematics and Entrepreneurship, after all, what do these two areas have in common?

With a background in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management and being passionate about the world of entrepreneurship I couldn’t be happier writing this article.

Really, mathematicians and entrepreneurs have the BASE in common: THEY BOTH SOLVE PROBLEMS!

Yes, as you have heard over and over again being an entrepreneur is about finding solutions to problems by improving the state of the world day by day. Mathematics is not left behind and can be defined along the same lines as above.

Let’s see, man felt the need to have measures of quantity and invented numbers, which are if not the main, one of the main elements of mathematics.

Time and the clock came about because human race realized that it was not possible to control the time by the sun and the moon alone, because depending on the seasons or even the location, they could have various interpretations around the world.

That’s right, mathematics has emerged to solve humanity’s main problems, and so has entrepreneurship.

Your business will not progress well if you don’t have a solid knowledge of mathematics, unless you hire someone to do it (but the person has to be trusted, because one more or one less zero makes all the difference; one comma in the wrong place can completely change the analysis of your business and consequently your strategic decisions, because the analytical part is a direct consequence of a greater or lesser contact with numbers on a daily basis.

Really, if you don’t like numbers, I am sorry to say that you are at a disadvantage and that the risks of being cheated or even going bankrupt are much higher, since to manage you have to rely on numerical analysis of the financial situation of your business.

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