Marketing and communication tools

It is extremely important to define in the initial phase of our business which tools we will use and for what purpose.

I take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about two tools that I consider extremely important for the Organization, Communication and Marketing of a business.

Canva – what is it?

Canva is a tool that is used a lot these days by marketers and designers in their daily work. It really is a super useful tool that anyone with a certain curiosity to learn can learn the basics in a short amount of time and will be very useful. When I say the basics, I mean for example creating a flyer for social networks, editing short videos and creating presentations for workshops, conferences and lectures. It is really worth investigating more about this tool.

Trello – what is it?

Trello is a tool for planning and organizing personal or team tasks. I have noticed that more and more small and medium-sized companies are using this tool for their project management process. It helps a lot because you can assign members to a task list, for example, and there are practical ways to classify the status of the tasks. This tool has had remarkable improvements over the years so nowadays, depending on the nature of the project, you also have at your disposal pre-defined templates that help you save time by not having to create a basic framework.

If you are really interested in learning more about these tools contact me and request your class or sign up for the waiting list for the communication and marketing workshop.

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