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About me

Girl of dreams became woman with purpose

Cíntia dos Reis has a degree in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management and a master’s degree in Quantitative Methods for Economic and Business Decision Making from the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão da Universidade de Lisboa – ISEG UL.

Fluent in 3 languages (Cape Verdean Creole, Portuguese and English), and learning a 4th (French), Cíntia already has several projects in the area of Business Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship. Due to her experience, in the last years she has been collaborating in the creation of new brands, as a Business Mentor. Her strengths as a Mentor are Strategy, Data Analytics and Motivational Communication.

In fact, in addition to her analytical skills, Cíntia is an excellent communicator, having, for example, interviewed the former President of the Republic of Cape Verde, Pedro Pires, and been honored as one of the 100 most influential people in Lusophony.

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(Lecture & Career mentorship)

This program guides you in the discovery and acceptance of your purpose, as well as in career progression.

Strategic Actions
(Evaluation & Business mentorship)

We evaluate your business idea and guide you in the initial phase of your business.

In practice

In practice it is a program of workshops. These workshops are intended for schools and/or enterprises.

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To be successful, you need to focus on
personal growth

Experienced mentor

Developing a strong strategy requires perspective, planning, experience, and goals. My mission is for you personally and your business to succeed.


People are the most important asset to any organization. As an experienced leader I can help you create better engagement, develop your team and improve productivity.


Let a trusted mentor help you navigate turbulent times with years of experience in the field. Leadership is the key to long-term consistency.


What do they say

Comments that my clients have shared with me.

Ileisa Cabral Mentoring Program

Mentor Cintia Dos Reis with her wisdom and experience helped me to believe in my potential, my ideas, and my dream. Together we put into action my business plan that will surely be a success. She is a demanding, dedicated and motivating mentor. I believe that now I can have a broader vision of the steps to take. My project is on a good path and in good hands.

Vilma Domingues Communication and Marketing Workshop

I really liked the Workshop on Communication and Marketing, especially the Pitch part because it really helped me and now I already have a short and clear presentation. I really liked the Trello tool, I will use it to organize myself in terms of personal tasks and also for the management of my business.

Josefina Costa Communication and Marketing Workshop

I loved the workshop on Communication and Marketing, I found it very interesting. I thought I already knew a lot about communication but Cíntia exceeded my expectations. It was two hours well spent. I thank Cíntia for the class it was very productive, I received a lot of useful information.

Nalcides Furtado Vocational guidance

Hello, I am Nalcides and I was one of the students who had the vocational orientation experience with Mrs. Cintia and today I am happy to have received her help because I was in doubt about which career to follow but with her experience, I became more secure about it and today I am happy with the decision I made. I am currently studying French in Senegal and will soon be embarking on a medical course in the same country.

Gilson tavares Vocational Guidance

The vocational orientation sessions given by Ms. Cintia Carlice dos Reis through video calls, was extremely important to me, enabling me to know the current state of the job market, evaluate and know my strong points and others that need to be worked on/improved, it also enabled me to know a range of higher education courses and their respective professional outlets, all so that I could design and make the best decision about choosing a higher education course to continue my studies. The sections were extremely important to me, for which I leave here my thanks!

Keitline Semedo Book

The reading was very good and productive in the journey into the world of entrepreneurship.Your ebook is what anyone who wants to enter this world needs to know first hand, you used clear, precise, simple, direct and assertive language.

Mônica Tavares Strategic consulting for business

In November 2021 I saw an opportunity to apply for the public contest in Cape Verde, when I found out about the contest I didn't have much time to work alone on my project, so I had the idea to send an e-mail to Cintia Reis, as I had heard about the work she does, and asked if she could accept to help me in the elaboration of my project, since we didn't have much time to deliver the project, and the delivery date was near. Fortunately, she accepted and everything worked out fine in the end. I really liked working with her because I couldn't do it alone because I had the idea in my mind but she with her wisdom and experience structured it on paper following all the steps Giving fantastic idea, researching raw materials, labor market, competition, bureaucracy etc my idea transformed into a first class project in the hands of Cintia Reis in a few weeks And for sure it will become a physical project soon.

Ariana Costa Book

I really liked it, when I started reading the book I didn't want to stop. As a new entrepreneur, the e-book is highly approved 😍! It's an easy read, enjoyable, motivating and good understanding. And yes, I would recommend the book. I really liked the little "column" In Practice, and the suggestions. I will put them into practice.

Diana Tavares Book

I fell in love right away with the cover😍😍 I loved all the themes are amazing really, I loved the theme 9 of purpose among others.Your E-book is very interesting and whoever reads it will really enjoy it.I liked the green leaf that would appear on the pages, the images throughout the topics covered and even more the idea of books and movies. It really looks amazing Cíntia.

Clei Vieira Motivational Lecture

In April 2021 I attended a motivational session led by Cintia dos Reis. I was able to get to know her better, through her experience, seeing her kindness, her courage, her persistence ... She shared her journey at the Mira Flores Educational Center, her coming to Portugal ... Insecurities, fears, weaknesses, uncertainties can infest our lives and on the other hand courage, strength, focus and faith and various other positive attitudes plague these moments. Success is achieved through these and many other items and one of the keys to having it is to never give up in the face of immense challenges. What I bring to moments in my life based on this sharing is that: - every action has a reaction; - Giving up is never a good option; - "Happiness is the key to success"; - True happiness is present in the simple things in life.

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